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Charitable Giving Resource Center offers an array of advanced planned gift implementation services customized to meet the specific needs of your Nonprofit. Each organization is different and we are available to help increase your gift planning development efforts through outsourced planned gift implementation services which will assist you and your donors achieve their Gift and Legacy Planning goals. 

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YEAR-END ALERT!: Regarding Charitable IRA Rollover contributions

For your donors over age 70 ½, the Charitable IRA Rollover has become an increasingly popular method to distribute their ...
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Planned Giving Tip: A BIG Trap

We live in a stuff-laden world and there is just about everything available for every need…and beyond. What I mean ...
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Planned Giving Tip: A Hand Up

It’s hard to imagine, having grown up in a middle-class home and country, what it would be like to be ...
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