Charitable Gift Annuity Solutions

As a resource center and consultant for nonprofits, CGRC coordinates and manages
the turnkey Charitable Gift Annuity Solutions Program.

Something for Everyone

Whether you already have an established CGA program or you are a nonprofit thinking about dipping your toe into the planned giving arena, this NO-FEE, NO-CONTRACT program is for you!

Work with Donors Anywhere in the US

We make it possible to offer Charitable Gift Annuities to donors located anywhere in the United States! Our CGA Solutions Program is registered in 49 states and with the Pooled Income Fund Solutions Program assistance, donors in Hawaii are also accessible. Both programs are no-fee, no-contract programs.

Leading Edge Know-How

We are on the leading edge of Charitable Gift Annuity research and now offer practical solutions for challenges faced by today’s non-profit organizations. Our program is dedicated to serving nonprofits of all sizes and in all phases of planned giving.

The CGA Solutions program offers a turnkey tool in accordance with the American Council on Gift Annuities standards. It provides the necessary forms, templates, marketing materials, articles for publication, and PowerPoint presentations to help educate donors and communities. This program also offers a Public Foundation that will “house” CGAs, full administration and tax reporting as well as full-service investments and management of the funds and ongoing CGA Pool updates.

Check This Out!

We also have a great YouTube video explaining how many gift plans work. Some gifting options can begin now or in the future.

(CGRC YouTube Teaching Video 57 min.)