About Us

Much of the good done in our country is accomplished by nonprofit organizations. Charitable Giving Resource Center believes that helping nonprofits become more businesslike will result in more benefits for those whom they seek to serve. Since 2004, we have been helping a wide variety of charities fulfill their purposes by providing custom-tailored coaching in the area of Planned Gift design and implementation services to meet the specific needs of each nonprofit.

We bring to our clients the knowledge of having helped many nonprofits develop and achieve their endowment building goals through planned giving. With our team of professionals, we offer a unique menu of services that can help nonprofits achieve their mission and goals like no one else. 

Charitable Giving Resource Center is located in West Des Moines offers an array of Gift Planning services customized to meet the specific needs of your Nonprofit. Each organization is different and we are available to help increase your gift planning development efforts through outsourced planned gift implementation services which will assist you and your donors achieve their Gift and Legacy Planning goals without reinventing the wheel or taking risks that you CFO would frown upon. 

Meet Our Team

Thomas Ambroson, PMP
Project Manager

Bryan Clontz

Specialist in Noncash Asset Liquidation

Gary Snerson, J.D.
Specialist in Noncash Asset Liquidation

Alexandra Sedor
Director of Gift Annuity Administration