Advisor On-Call™ Program

As a resource center and consultant for nonprofits, CGRC has the expertise to help you develop an impactful gift plan for your donors.

Program Details

Without expertise in philanthropic planning many donors procrastinate in creating an impactful giving plan, even if they would like to leave a lasting legacy and experience financial benefits! With our Advisor On-Call Program, we assist you, the nonprofit, and your donors in helping them implement the appropriate gift which best fits their circumstances.

The Challenges

  • There are not enough hours in a day or enough staff available to have sufficient gift planning discussions leading to an impactful gift for the donors as well as the nonprofit.
  • Often, fundraising professionals are afraid to enter into the gift planning conversation with their donors because they “don’t know enough” about these technical topics or how to identify the best gift planning tool for a donor’s situation.
  • Even more seasoned fundraising professionals may find themselves getting too deep into the gift planning conversation for their own comfort.

The Opportunity

  • Through integration with you, your staff and your donors, the Advisor On-Call Program™ can create an extension of your gift planning office. Instead of spending hours trying to learn all of the gift planning tools and techniques available and trying to determine which is appropriate for your donors, this program helps to free up your time and establish long-lasting relationships.
  • Each donor conversation is different and specific to her/his individual charitable and financial goals. The fundraising professional could offer the donor an opportunity to visit with our professional advisors directly if you choose to allow them.
  • Most importantly, donor conversations can be facilitated right away!

The Advisor On-Call™ Program

  • CGRC provides practical gift planning technical assistance via phone to the fundraiser who is working with a donor.
  • The professional fundraiser would call our professional advisors, many of whom are also Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy® (CAP®), to ask how best to approach a given donor’s situation from a tax and planned giving perspective.
  • The professional fundraiser would also offer the donor the opportunity to call our professional advisors directly to discuss their situation confidentially.
  • Access to our professional team for peer-to-peer discussions and advice. Collectively, this group brings a breadth of expertise in financial, charitable estate planning, business succession and advising, Heritage training, nonprofit advising, and much more.

Program Length and Investment

The Advisor On-Call Program is a 12-month contract based on a retainer fee for planned giving expertise for the nonprofit staff and to your donors.

Program Fees

The fee for the Advisor On-Call Program is $12,000 per year.